Equality and Diversity

Supporting equality and diversity at the LMS

Athena SWAN
In 2017 the Institute received an Athena SWAN Silver Award to recognise its commitment to advancing women’s careers in science and research.

At the LMS there are three working groups which deliver on the action plan developed for the silver application. These are:

  • Careers Working Group
  • Development Working Group
  • Families Working Group

The working groups feed into the Athena SWAN opportunities committee, which is led by Professor Christian Speck, Dr Jenna Stevens-Smith and Dr Sharon Citrone.

The award is held jointly with the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Imperial College London, and of which the LMS is one part. Read more about the Athena SWAN Charter.

PhD student/ Postdoc committees
The PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers have active committees which arrange a range of events and activities for their communities at the LMS, including annual retreats, monthly happy hour and journal club.

Technician and science support committee
The technician and science support committee support development of skills and recognition of technical and science support staff at the Institute. This includes professional registration and joint forum and symposium events with technical and science support staff from fellow MRC Institutes.

Mentoring provides a safe space to explore options and plan future action. Mentoring is encouraged at the Institute and in-house mentors are available as well as mentors from across the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London.

Support for Families
There are many resources, entitlements and family-friendly policies available to members of the Institute. Including shared parental leave, on-site holiday camps for children, and My Family Care which supports families by providing emergency child and eldercare.

Suffrage Science
The Suffrage Science scheme was founded eight years ago by the Medical Research Council’s London Institute of Medical Sciences to celebrate women in science. The awards themselves are heirloom items of jewellery commissioned from students of the art and design college, Central Saint Martins-UAL, who worked with scientists to create pieces inspired by research. The pieces also draw inspiration from the jewellery of the Suffragette movement from which the award scheme takes its name. http://www.suffragescience.org