12th July 2019
LMS Seminar Room
2nd floor CWB, Faculty of Medicine
Imperial College London
Hammersmith Hospital Campus
Du Cane Road
W12 0NN

Ad hoc Seminar – Stefan A Muljo

“Engineering fetal-like hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells”

Fetal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) hold the promise to cure a wide array of hematological diseases. Previously, we discovered a role for the RNA-binding protein (RBP) Lin28b in re-specifying adult HSPCs to resemble their fetal counterparts. Recently, we  found  by looking at the single-cell level that although sufficient, Lin28b-mediated reprogramming does not appear to fully recapitulate  the fetal state. Since we found that Lin28b alone cannot completely shift the adult program of gene expression towards the fetal pattern, we employed an integrative approach and found that it cooperates with another RBP, Igf2bp3, in further mediating this developmental switch. In summary, we have identified two defined factors that can robustly specify the fetal hematopoietic program. My talk is aimed at igniting a discussion towards using engineered fetal-like HSPCs for in utero transplantation in the clinic.


Stefan A Muljo

NIH, NIAID, Laboratory of Immune System Biology