30th June 2020

LMS Remote Seminar – Melina Schuh

‘New insights into aneuploidy in mammalian embryos’.

Around 50-70% of human embryos are aneuploid – they carry an incorrect number of chromosomes. Most aneuploid embryos do not develop to term, making aneuploidy in embryos a leading cause of miscarriages and infertility.

It is estimated that 10-20% of embryonic aneuploidy arises from chromosome segregation errors during the meiotic divisions of the egg. A large fraction of errors however is thought to arise during the mitotic divisions of the embryo. Mitotic errors have been linked to abnormal division events during early embryo development. However, the cellular origin of mitotic aneuploidy remains unclear.

Melina Schuh will present her lab’s latest research on the origin of aneuploidy in mammalian embryos.


Dr Melina Schuh, MPI Gottingen