12th September 2018
1 hr
LMS Seminar Room
2nd floor CWB, Faculty of Medicine
Imperial College London
Hammersmith Hospital Campus
Du Cane Road
W12 0NN

LMS Seminar Series – Lars-Oliver Klotz

“Redox regulation of FOXO transcription factors”

FOXO (forkhead box, class O) transcription factors are major regulators of fuel metabolism in higher eukaryotes that are also involved in the cellular adaptation to stress and in the modulation of cellular aging processes. Following (i) a brief summary of FOXO basics, (ii) levels of redox regulation of FOXO factors will be explained (focusing on upstream signalling as well as FOXO expression, activity, target genes) and examples provided. (iii) The role of thiols, such as of glutathione, in the regulation of FOXO activity will be discussed, and (iv) the consequences of genetically induced as well as of xenobiotic-induced thiol depletion for FOXO activity analysed with respect to cellular stress response and aging of a model organism, C. elegans.  

Lars-Oliver Klotz, Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Dept. of Nutrigenomics, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany