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UK Primary Schools Imagine the Future

The Imagine the Future competition closed on 21st December 2012.

The MRC Clinical Sciences Centre invited UK primary school children to imagine what the world will be like in 2113. How will scientists be helping health practitioners to better treat disease? The Imagine the Future: Competition was open to schools across the UK from 14th September to 21st December 2012. Resources including a stunning comic book about the past and short films about contemporary science from four MRC laboratories were produced for use in the classroom. A number of workshops for primary schools were delivered by the PEMG team in 2012 to support schools in developing competition entries.

Winning competition entries will be featured in an interactive exhibition to commemorate 100 years of the Medical Research Council. From 4th-14th April 2013 the exhibition team, working in association with Haberdashery Design, will transform the foyer of Imperial College London into a hive of activity to invoke a sense of MRC past, present and future. The public is invited to participate in and learn about research and the impact it has on our lives. Teachers, pupils and their parents are invited to attend.

The MRC centenary comic book: Heroes of Health 1913 introduces 9-11 year old pupils to the past century of medical research through the stories of Sirs Henry Dale, Almroth Wright and Dame Harriette Chick. Pupils used resources in the comic to play the Patient Game.

MRC centenary films: Science in Progress documentaries introduced pupils to the work of MRC scientists working to better understand health and disease today. These documentaries will be made public through the Strictly Science exhibition in April.

What makes us fat? Professor Jimmy Bell (MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, London) talks about his research on fat.

How does our brain work? Dr Aldo Faisal(Imperial College London) talks about his research on how the brain helps us move.

How is genetic information stored and read? Professor Wendy Bickmore (MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh) talks about her research on the way DNA is folded up inside cells

How can a virus cause cancer? Dr Clare Davy (MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London) talks about her work on the viruses that cause cervical cancer.

Documentary films were directed by Kiki von Glasow (Palladio Films)

Competition poster by Jake Cleverdon

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