IECBS Studentships

Integrative Experimental Computational Biology Studentships

New studentships have been established at the LMS to strengthen the LMSs initiative in Quantitative Biology. The aim of the studentships is to enhance computational and systems biology skills within the LMS by promoting research collaborations that integrate wet and dry laboratory skills. The studentships will be awarded to LMS-based groups with innovative research programs that are interdisciplinary and promote interactions with relevant colleagues in the faculties of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine at Imperial. Each project will be initiated and lead by a principal investigator at the LMS, but co-supervised by a collaborator from another section in the LMS or from the relevant faculty. Students will be registered for their PhD at the LMS.

Interview Format

At our interviews candidates meet potential supervisors in three different settings:

  • The panel interview, where candidates discuss a previously assigned paper in depth, and also answer questions about their experience and reasons for pursuing a PhD. This is a formal interview that determines whether or not candidates are made an offer.
  • The poster session, where candidates have the chance to see what all the groups are working on, and to ask general questions. This is intended to help candidates choose which groups they would like to visit for individual, more detailed discussions (1:1 meetings). Candidates are not formally evaluated during the poster session.
  • The 1:1 meetings with supervisors. The purpose of these meetings is to find a good fit between student and supervisor. Based on the outcome of these meetings, offers are made to students to work in a particular Group.


Applicants are expected to hold a first class or upper second class honours degree (or its equivalent) in an appropriate science subject from a recognised university, and also have a Masters degree or equivalent research experience by the start of their PhD.

There are no residency restrictions for these studentships, although there is more funding available for UK/EU studentships, which makes the international studentships highly competitive.

All applicants are also subject to Imperial College entry requirements: