LMS 1863 MRC Postdoctoral Research Scientist - Cell Cycle Control

MRC Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Cell Cycle Control Group

3 Year fixed term

MRC Pay Band 4

Salary: £32,302 -£35,143* plus London allowances (£3,727 & £1,402) per annum

London, UK


The Cell Cycle Control Group is headed by Dr Alexis Barr in the Epigenetics section of the LMS ( https://lms.mrc.ac.uk/research-group/cell-cycle-control/). The team aims to understand how cells enter and exit the cell cycle – vital for proper development and tissue homeostasis. We have a particular interest in quiescence, a reversible state of cell cycle arrest where cells retain proliferative potential.

We are focussed on understanding how extracellular and intracellular factors impact cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) activity to drive cell cycle decision-making.

We are a friendly collaborative team that combine quantitative, single-cell, time-lapse imaging with automated image analysis, mathematical modelling, bioinformatics, molecular biology, proteomics, biochemistry and screening to investigate how information flows through the control networks regulating cell cycle entry. For more information, see the lab website: https://www.barrlab.com

We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and high-reaching scientist with a PhD with a fascination for cell cycle control who is equally comfortable working with both wet and dry lab techniques. Expertise in cell cycle, cellular quiescence, genome stability, cell signalling and/or quantitative image analysis would be an advantage. Your particular path is less important than your desire to learn and work on exciting problems. The successful candidate will have the ability to develop and apply new concepts, have good attention to detail a creative approach to problem solving, and be able to write clearly and succinctly for publication. This post is an MRC Postdoctoral Scientist to support post-doctoral scientists in early or changed career training and help establish them as successful research scientists in their chosen field. We offer a highly attractive benefits package including competitive salary and generous pension scheme.

Final appointment will be subject to pre-employment screening.

Additional allowances comprise a £1,000 lump sum Settlement Allowance plus a yearly Training Allowance of £850 in the first year, paid in monthly instalments. The Training Allowance increases to £1,300 in year two, and £1,800 in the third year.

 This role qualifies for endorsement by UKRI for a UK Global Talent Visa, for which the successful applicant is likely to be eligible to apply. Immigration costs for applicant (100% visa and 100% Health Surcharge) and immediate dependents (100% visa and 50% health surcharge when applying with main applicant) can be reclaimed from LMS after taking up the post (terms and conditions apply).