LMS 1852 MRC Postdoctoral Research Scientist - Chromatin & Development

MRC Postdoctoral Research Scientist

3 years fixed term, full time

MRC Band 4

Salary: £32,302 – £35,143 plus London allowances (£3,727 & £1,402) per annum

London, UK


Job Summary

Our lab investigates mechanisms of chromatin and transposon regulation in early mammalian development. Transposons make up a significant portion of our genomes and are now implicated in many developmental but also pathological processes. We recently discovered a novel complex comprising LINE1 RNA that is crucial for 2-cell exit and maintenance of the ESC state, highlighting unexpected roles for transposons in development (Percharde et al., Cell 2018), and have recently described new mechanisms in development for transposon regulation (Xie et al., Genes Dev 2022). Despite this, transposons are significantly understudied, with much to be discovered about how their expression and function is controlled (Percharde et al., Bioessays 2020).

We are looking for an a high-reaching postdoctoral scientist with an experimental and/or computational background to investigate novel aspects of chromatin and transposon regulation in disease, such as inflammation, aging and cancer. We are particularly interested in how transposon expression can have distinct consequences depending on the cellular context. This postdoc would suit a creative individual who is enthusiastic to explore some of the lab’s questions and/or motivated to develop their own questions within the lab’s research scope. Techniques routinely employed in the group include mouse and human ESC/iPSC culture, genome-wide chromatin and transcriptomic assays, CRISPR-Cas9 screening, bioinformatics, imaging, molecular embryology and transposon manipulation.

The successful candidate will have a strong background in either gene regulation in development/disease, transposon biology or epigenetics. The position is available to be filled immediately but start date can be flexible.

This is an MRC Postdoctoral Scientist position providing training and development supporting post-doctoral scientists in early or changed career paths helping establish them as successful research scientists in their chosen field.

Final appointment will be subject to pre-employment screening

Additional allowances comprise a £1,000 lump sum Settlement Allowance plus a yearly Training Allowance of £850 in the first year, paid in monthly instalments. The Training Allowance increases to £1,300 in year two, and £1,800 in the third year.

This role qualifies for endorsement by UKRI for a UK Global Talent Visa, for which the successful applicant is likely to be eligible to apply. Immigration costs for applicant (100% visa and 100% Health Surcharge) and immediate dependents (100% visa and 50% health surcharge when applying with main applicant) can be reclaimed from LMS after taking up the post (terms and conditions apply).