LMS 1337 MRC Postdoctoral Research Scientist - Single Molecule Imaging Group

MRC Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Single Molecule Imaging Group

3 years

MRC Band 4 Salary £36,631 – £39,472 pa inclusive*

London, UK


The Single Molecule Imaging Group develops and applies single molecule-based microscopy (SMM) approaches to study fundamental biological processes involving proteins and nucleic acids with molecular resolution. We are particularly interested in elucidating various RNA and DNA processing mechanisms, such as gene expression chromatin structure and DNA repair. The group’s research program combines multi-disciplinary approaches (including single-molecule FRET, optical and magnetic tweezers, live-cell imaging, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, etc) to elucidate these mechanisms at the molecular level.

In collaboration with the Cell Cycle Research Group (Prof Luis Aragon), we are developing optical tweezers (Lumicks C-trap) assays to investigate the molecular mechanisms by which SMC protein complexes (such as Cohesin) function on DNA substrates (e.g., see Gutierrez-Escribano et al 2019 Science Advances). We are now looking for a talented postdoc to apply this technology to further elucidate these mechanisms.

This is an MRC Postdoctoral Scientist position, providing training and development supporting post-doctoral scientists in early or changed career paths helping establish them as successful research scientists in their chosen field. The MRC is a unique working environment where our researchers are rewarded by cutting-edge innovation and collaboration opportunities that the MRC name brings.  Choosing to work at the MRC means that you will have access to a whole host of benefits such as excellent holiday entitlement, access to employee shopping/travel discounts as well as the chance to put the MRC on your CV in the future.