MED01698 Research Associate - DNA Replication

Job advertisement title: Research Associate

Salary: £ 40,215 per annum

Location: Hammersmith Campus

 Two positions have become available in the laboratory of Professor Speck at Imperial College London ( to work on exciting DNA replication or chromatin projects employing biochemical & structural or genomic & proteomic approaches.

Biochemistry and structural biology have the potential to reveal highly complex molecular mechanisms. In particular in vitro reconstitution and cryo-electron microscopy are ideally suited to investigate large protein assemblies. The successful applicant will work either on:

  • A project focussed on DNA replication discovering novel replication mechanisms
  • A project focussed on chromatin researching how epigenetics affect chromatin structure.

GENOMICS & Proteomics

Advances in genomics and proteomics have made it possible to marry up genomic with proteomic and structural data. Crucially, now it is possible to obtain information on protein complex location and size at a base pair resolution in a genome wide manner generating for the first-time structural data in cells. The successful applicant will:

  • use genomic and synthetic biology approaches to address novel mechanism in initiation of DNA replication and DNA repair
  • develop new genomic methods to elucidate nucleosome/chromatin structure in order to understand gene regulation in health and disease.


The group consists of 11 researchers, including 6 postdocs, 3 students and 2 technicians. The successful candidates will enjoy intensive interactions with group members specialised in cryo-EM, biochemistry and genomic approaches generating a collaborative and highly productive atmosphere. We are excellent equipped for biochemistry (2 AKTA’s, 4 temperature controlled shakers, 2 freezer mills, constant system french press, Biacore T100), structural EM work (cryo-EM facility with 200kV FEG cryo-EM, Vitrobot IV, GPU- and data storage-cluster and direct access to a Titan Krios with K3 detector as founding member of the LonCEN consortium) and genomics/proteomics (direct access to excellent local sequencing, genomics and proteomics facilities and bioinformatics team).


Duties and responsibilities

By joining the group, the candidates will not only participate in high profile research projects but will also be directly mentored by Professor Speck in grant writing, networking and publishing. Indeed, the scientific framework and the support by Prof. Speck means that the candidates are well placed for a successful transition into independence.

Essential requirements

 The candidates should have a PhD in biochemistry, genetics, structural biology or neighbouring disciplines, a strong publication record and expertise in method development/trouble shooting. Background in the areas of nucleic acid-protein interactions, chromatin biology, molecular machines, or the broader area of genome stability would be of advantage but is not necessary.


Further information

The roles are full time and fixed term for 3 years and the latest expected start date is spring 2020.

For informal inquiries or questions please contact Professor Christian Speck directly ().

For technical issues when applying online please email .