LMS is a vibrant research environment in which scientists and clinicians collaborate to advance the understanding of biology and its application to medicine. Our research is focused on some of the UK’s major health challenges that arise from changes in diet (obesity, diabetes and heart disease) and increased lifespan (dementia and cancer). Through tackling fundamental questions about the interplay between our genes, environmental stresses such as diet, and the way our bodies age our researchers aim to translate this knowledge to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of diverse medical conditions.

LMS research programmes are focused in three sections: Epigenetics, Genes and Metabolism, and Quantitative Biology.



LMS has a track record of groundbreaking outreach, public engagement and communications activities. These include BPoD, a daily intriguing or beautiful image from the world of biomedical science with a 150-word summary, Heroes of Health comic book and the Suffrage Science awards scheme which celebrates and inspires women in science.