LMS Mission & Message from the Director

Prof Amanda Fisher

Professor Dame Amanda Fisher

Director’s welcome

“The LMS is a vibrant research environment in which scientists and clinicians collaborate to advance the understanding of biology and its application to medicine.

The Institute was founded by the Medical Research Council 20 years ago and now attracts the very highest caliber of scientists, postdoctoral fellows and students from around the world. Our collective challenge is to remain at the forefront of innovation so that advances made at the bench can be progressed for maximum benefit.

Close ties with colleagues at our sister institute the LMB in Cambridge, as well as Imperial College, the Francis Crick Institute and universities across London, allow our scientists a unique opportunity to explore the genetic, epigenetic and physiological bases of health and disease and its visualisation through cutting-edge imaging.”

Professor Dame Amanda Fisher, who also leads the Lymphocyte Development group.

Institute’s mission and organisation

The LMS aims to be at the forefront of innovative biomedical research and in partnership with Imperial College London and others, to promote the translation of its research for maximal benefit. The institute trains and mentors the next generation of clinical and non-clinical scientists and strives to enhance the public’s interest, understanding and trust in science.

At Hammersmith Campus, the LMS based on a site, which contains two major teaching hospitals. It is therefore ideally placed to work with on-site partners to facilitate translational pull-through of its work. LMS scientists also exploit multidisciplinary opportunities with colleagues from Imperial College London combining biological sciences with other disciplines, in particular engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science.

At full strength, the LMS comprises over 30 research groups organised into the three research sections Epigenetics, Quantitative Biology, Genes and Metabolism. The research groups are also part of the Institute of Clinical Sciences (ICS), which is a Department in the Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine with the three divisions Imaging Sciences, Clinical Research and Molecular Sciences.