Addicted to Pleasure

 6 December 2012   Features

Addicted to PleasureVideo clip: Why is it so hard to stop eating sugar?

Addiction plagues society. Every person knows the irresistible pull of certain substances – be they sugar, alcohol, or opium. This fundamental aspect of human nature is today the basis of large commercial markets, and plays an important role in all our lives. Understanding the science behind our tendencies to addiction could be the key to understanding how they have moulded the world in which we live, and will provide insights into how to conquer them in the future.

As part of a new documentary series, Dr Tony Goldstone (Metabolic and Molecular Imaging Group) discussed why we find it so hard to resist the sugary treats we know to be bad for us. The full series is currently being broadcast on BBC Scotland, and you can watch a clip featuring Goldstone below: