Mental Health Awareness Week @LMS

 4 June 2024   Blogs
Mental Health Awareness Week @LMS

The LMS Wellbeing Tree, which blossomed with ideas and suggestions for keeping your mental health in top-shape over the course of the week.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mental Health Awareness Week activities last week, and a massive thanks to Laurence, Darren, Ted, and Eugene for running the workshops and guided tour. Through walking, cycling, dancing, mindfulness, Pilates, weights, and the coffee morning, we estimate that up to a third of institute members took part in at least one of the Week’s events! 

Six teams took part in our institute-wide cycling competition, and a distance of 115.48 kilometers (71.76 miles) was cycled in total. Team Ghost Rueda won the distance race, covering 57.38 km over 5 hours and 38 minutes. Prizes will be given to participating teams over the next few weeks.  

In total, we raised £306 for MQ Mental Health Research Charity – thank you to everyone for their contributions!

Thanks for your mental health tips that you wrote on the leaves of the Wellbeing Tree on the 7th floor. Spin through the gallery below to have a look at what keeps us going when things get tough!

We had a well-attended and engaging coffee morning on Thursday, where we discussed the different ways we can promote looking after your mental health at the LMS. Themed coffee mornings on this and various other topics may become a more permanent fixture at the institute.

If you suggestions for future Coffee Morning topics, you may contact the organisers (Richard, James and Jan) for details.