Reflecting Its National Standing and Fostering Inclusivity: MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences Renames to MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences

 19 October 2023   Institute News

London, UK – October 11, 2023

By Jiany Nie

The Medical Research Council London Institute of Medical Sciences has been renamed and will now be known as the MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences (LMS). The change, announced today, aims to better represent its status as a national research institute and foster inclusivity.

The LMS and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge are the only two Medical Research Council core-funded “bricks and mortar” research institutes in the UK, and the new name better represents the national reach and mission of the LMS, showing that it is dedicated to serving the entire UK, not just the capital city.

Professor Wiebke Arlt, Director of LMS, emphasized the need for inclusivity and wider recognition. She stated, ” We are committed to advancing medical sciences for the benefit of all citizens across the country. We want to ensure that our name reflects our inclusive approach and our connection with the entire nation, rather than being London-centric. We would like to serve as a national beacon particularly for clinician scientists everywhere who work on the discovery of new mechanisms and their translation to new drugs, tests and therapies.”

This name change also serves the purpose of aligning more closely with our sibling institution, the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. The new name creates a closer bond between the two institutions and underscores our shared commitment to advancing scientific research and discovery.

LMS, now the MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences, will continue to lead the way in supporting and translating innovative discoveries to drive innovation and health.