Nitric Oxide Signalling

 12 June 2009   Research News

294CSC Welcomes New Group

James Leiper joins the CSC from the Division of Medicine at UCL. His group, Nitric Oxide Signalling, will focus on understanding the mechanisms that regulate nitric oxide signalling in the cardiovascular system.

James began his research career as a PhD student at the MRC Clinical Research Centre in the Molecular Medicine Group, headed by Prof. James Scott, before moving to a post-doctoral position at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology.

His interest in nitric oxide signalling developed following his move to Prof. Patrick Vallance’s group at UCL. Here James developed a multi-disciplinary team; spanning the fields of molecular and structural biology, pharmacology and physiology, in order to understand the regulation of nitric oxide production in vivo.

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Nitric Oxide Signalling
The crystal structure of the Nitric Oxide Synthase regulatory enzyme DDAH1.