Cell Cycle

“DNA replication and chromosome segregation are two fundamental events during cell reproduction.”

DNA replication and chromosome segregation are two fundamental events during cell reproduction. Eukaryotic genomes are organised into linear molecules of DNA known as chromosomes. Because chromosomal DNA is far too long to fit inside the cell nucleus in its naked form, it is compacted into chromatin fibers. Our laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate genome folding and ensure the faithful segregation of chromosomes during cell division. We study complexes of the SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) family; cohesin, condensin, the Smc5/6 complex and their roles in chromosome condensation, sister chromatid cohesion and DNA repair.

The long-term goal in our laboratory is to understand how SMC complexes work at a mechanistic level.  We take multidisciplinary approaches toward this goal, including genetics, biochemistry and cell biology.

Cell Cycle

Comparative kinetics of DNA Double Strand Break repair in cells with (Wt) and without (smc6-9) Smc5/6 function

Selected Publications

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