Lymphocyte Development

“We use lymphocytes and ES cells as models to study how gene expression patterns are established, transmitted through cell division and changed during development”

We study transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that underlie cellular differentiation and explore mechanisms of experimental reprogramming. Our core research activities include the following interrelated areas:

·       Reactivation of imprinted and X-linked genes in vitro and in vivo

·       Chromosome structure, Pc-G genes and epigenetic inheritance

·       The role of 3D genome organisation in gene expression and disease

·       Mechanisms of gene regulation by Ikaros and other transcription factor families

By combining classical cell biology and genetics approaches with current technologies we aim to understand how gene expression patterns are regulated during development as well as the consequences of mis-regulation in disease. This mechanistic information can provide a rationale for therapeutic intervention.

Lymphocyte Development

Flow sorting mouse chromosomes 19 and X

Selected Publications

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