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19 April 2021

Harnessing natural genetic variation in human immune cells to investigate autoimmune disease susceptibility

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Nature Genetics front page

1 April 2021

3D genome organisation independent of gene regulation in Drosophila

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19 February 2021

XPO7 crucial to establish senescence and block tumour progression

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lethal heart

12 February 2021

Genetic breakthrough in understanding of lethal heart conditions

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29 January 2021

Wallerian degeneration in the brain: not so slow after all?

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25 January 2021

A unifying model for T cell lineage choice

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8 January 2021

Glowing probe helps to shine a light on rare quadruplex DNA in living cells

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Peter Developmental Cell

5 January 2021

A story-tail ending for the guardians of the genome

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22 December 2020

How do you build an oocyte?

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17 December 2020

A FAN-C new tool for streamlining chromatin organisation data analysis

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13 November 2020

New link between epigenetic memory and mitotic chromosome size

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8 November 2020

The ‘silent’ DNA in our genome – beneficial or detrimental?

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