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23 November 2022

Imperial As One: Belonging – Exploring the BAME experience with Quentin Smith

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17 November 2022

The hidden rhythm of our cells

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26 October 2022

Chromatin jets define the properties of cohesin-driven in vivo loop extrusion

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19 October 2022

LMS researchers identify molecular mechanisms for resolving DNA crossroads

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Images from the study showing fat accumulating around bone blood vessels.

18 October 2022

Promising therapies for postmenopausal bone loss revealed by oestrogen’s interaction with blood vessels

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Graphic of a transparent male torso with heart visible

30 September 2022

Genetics may explain rare heart inflammation in young people and athletes

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VSMC contribution to atherosclerosis

6 September 2022

Primed smooth muscle cells act as “first responders” in vascular disease

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25 February 2022

Exploring the role of muscle in fly fertility and immunity

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man looking at test tube in a lab

27 January 2022

SAMURII PhD studentships open for applications

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7 August 2017

Promotions, Prizes and Posters

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19 January 2015

Dr Nick Myant FRCP (*1918-2015)

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24 September 2014

Recruitment is now closed for PhD students for 2015/16

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