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graphic image depicting the heart decorated with waving lines

22 April 2022

Genetics, ageing and diabetes among key factors leading to ‘stiff’ hearts

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drugs in pill pot

18 March 2022

Out with the old: Age-related diseases to be tackled by LMS researchers in new collaboration with Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

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3D super resolution image of an ES cell nucleus showing nucleolar compartments (red, green,pink), by Sheila Xie and Chad Whilding

16 March 2022

LMS researchers identify unexpected nucleolar mechanism for gene regulation in early embryo development

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10 March 2022

The LMS welcomes MRC’s efforts to ensure sex is an integral part of research design

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25 February 2022

Exploring the role of muscle in fly fertility and immunity

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medical models on a grey cupboard

15 February 2022

Interleukin-11 offers an attractive drug target for multiple genetic diseases, new research suggests

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DNA made out of golden light

1 February 2022

Aminopeptidase-P protects genome stability, new research finds

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man looking at test tube in a lab

27 January 2022

SAMURII PhD studentships open for applications

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4 January 2022

What will we learn next about how organs communicate?

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DNA twist, white DNA, dark grey backgroun

22 December 2021

Single-molecular imaging techniques show how HELQ enzyme facilitates DNA repair

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16 December 2021

LMS research shows increased cardiovascular risk in schizophrenia may be linked to fat tissue function

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10 December 2021

LMS researchers demonstrate novel role for AMP-activated protein kinase in kidney disease

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