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8 August 2019

Testes sweet talk the gut to maintain sperm production

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15 July 2019

A European research collaboration gives hope for a treatment for schizophrenia

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17 June 2019

The resurrection of antibiotics: finding new synthesis routes to fight antimicrobial resistance

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14 June 2019

A promising step towards a new approach for treating fatty liver disease

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13 May 2019

Unravelling the mystery of heart failure after cancer survival

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1 April 2019

New insights into how blood vessels control bone formation

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Chain-Florey 10 year

15 March 2019

Chain-Florey Fellow involved with London patient now in remission from HIV

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13 March 2019

Turning fat to muscle through a genetic AMPK switch

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25 February 2019

The promiscuity of Cas9: do we need a gene editing revolution?

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Model of the heart with 'strings of green beads' protruding from it. The 'strings' represent the path of movement that that part of the heart takes as the heart contracts

11 February 2019

AI analysis learns to predict survival from the movement of your heart

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Sam Nature Microbiology paper

8 February 2019

Hunting for the truth amongst the noise: lessons from single cells

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Peter Developmental Cell

31 January 2019

The race to protect the genome: new insights into the mechanisms of piRNA biogenesis

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