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man looking at test tube in a lab

27 January 2022

SAMURII PhD studentships open for applications

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4 January 2022

What will we learn next about how organs communicate?

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DNA twist, white DNA, dark grey backgroun

22 December 2021

Single-molecular imaging techniques show how HELQ enzyme facilitates DNA repair

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16 December 2021

LMS research shows increased cardiovascular risk in schizophrenia may be linked to fat tissue function

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10 December 2021

LMS researchers demonstrate novel role for AMP-activated protein kinase in kidney disease

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8 December 2021

Methods of gene repression during early development can be sex-specific, new research shows

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close up microscope image of two celegans that have eaten green bacteria so their gut can be seen clearly

2 December 2021

Innovative LMS imaging technique helps to unpick the molecular basis of ALS

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Prof Howes in the LMS ICTEM building at the Hammersmith campus

19 November 2021

LMS researcher one of the most influential in the world, according to new analysis 

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17 November 2021

LMS research shines a light on breast cancer sensitivity to Palbociclib

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25 October 2021

New analysis uncovers specific genes associated with severe COVID-19

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Artistic representation of redox metabolism

22 September 2021

Exploring redox metabolism through art

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14 September 2021

A quick fix – preventing protein errors extends lifespan

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