Episode 3 of the PhD podcast ‘Otoscope’ is available now

 31 March 2021   Public Engagement

The third episode of Otoscope, the podcast led by PhD students at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS), is out now! Listen to this and previous episodes on Buzzsprout, Spotify or on all the usual podcast apps.

Eliano dos Santos and Sijia Yu spoke with Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga about her research on fly physiology and how sex affects biological processes. Released on the last day of Women’s History Month, this episode also touches upon the gender gap in scientific careers and the Suffrage Science awards.

In the segment ‘Publication of the Month’, a paper by PhD student Ellis Chika Onwordi is discussed. You can read more about this paper here.

OTOSCOPE IS RECRUITING! If you are a PhD Student at the LMS and would like to get involved or have your recent publication featured in the segment Publication of the Month, please email us!

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