A Picture of Health – Book Launch & Events January 2023

The MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences (LMS) are celebrating the launch of ‘A Picture of Health’ book, which features contributions such as photographs, paintings, and poems by hosting a series of events. All 3 events will feature panel discussions from some of the contributors of the project, as well as LMS researchers and guests from Imperial College London, the UKRI and the MRC.

By Dr Jerry Yi Chang

In 2019, the MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences (LMS) launched an exciting project to collect interpretations from a cross section of society of the phrase ‘A Picture of Health’. The contributions included photographs, paintings, poems and more, and are featured in a freely-available book due to be published in January 2023.

A Picture of Health began as a workshop full of thought-provoking talks from researchers from a range of institutions. The phrase “A Picture of Health” was explored through these talks across six key themes, guided by the MRC Spotlights: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection; Artificial intelligence and Big Data; Diet and Lifestyle; Environment and Ageing, Genetics and Assistive Technologies; Mental Health and Dementia.

Read more about how ‘A Picture of Health’ began on our website.

About the Events

To celebrate the publication of ‘A Picture of Health’ and the opening of our brand new state-of-the-art research facility in White City, the MRC LMS are hosting 3 events that will showcase the contributions within the book, and feature panel discussions with some of the contributors to the project, as well as researchers at the LMS and guests from Imperial College London, the UKRI and the MRC.

These events will take place in January in our new state-of-the-art MRC LMS research facility in the Hammersmith Hospital Campus. The dates are:

Event 1: The Future of Health

Tuesday 10/01/2023 (6.30pm-9:30pm), Host: Kat Arney

Event 2: Art and Science for Health

Wednesday 11/01/2023 (6.30pm-9.30pm), Host: Vivienne Parry

Event 3: A sense of place – The MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences

Friday 13/01/2023 (2pm-5pm), Host: Lindsay Keith
We welcome you to register for a ticket on Eventbrite. If the tickets are sold out we welcome you to book a ticket on the waiting list and we will inform you if a ticket becomes available, contributors to the ‘Picture of Health’ book will automatically be listed on the top of the waiting list. Register for a Picture of Health event here.


Preview of an LMS Contribution to ‘A Picture of Health’

Close up photo of a green kite with a yellow and red windmill pattern on it. The kite is in the air in front of three tall green trees

How I Find My Peace of Mind

I was born in Guyana (South America) and when I first attended school along with all the other students we were taught how to make and fly kites. I was 5 years old at the time and the point of the kites was related to Easter and to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. This is a very important thing in Guyana. This period in my life was very enjoyable and I fondly remember the experience.
I first came to London when I was 13 and stopped making and flying kites as there was such a big culture difference.
At the age of 55 during the pandemic and the absolute lockdown I was living alone in Chelmsford and my family were a long way away in a different part of London where I used to live. We are a close knit family and I missed that. Also, where I am the local pub is central to the community where everyone knows each other. The landlord often used to organise trips out for the locals such as night meetings at Chelmsford racecourse. When these situations stopped because of lockdown I took up making kites again and after restrictions lifted I passed on my skills to the children of my friends.
I go to many kite festivals and love it again. We have all been affected by COVID in one way or another and find our own way out, and when flying my kites no matter how many other flyers or spectators, I feel I am the only one there focusing on the kite, controlling it. There is just me and the sound of the breeze



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