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12 March 2019

Suffrage Science Awards 2019: 12 role models in engineering & physical sciences awarded heirlooms

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8 March 2019

Scientific heirlooms awarded to leading female scientists & engineers on International Women’s Day

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ada lovelace day 2018 suffrage science awardees

9 October 2018

Ada Lovelace Day: 11 modern day role models pass on heirloom awards

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8 October 2018

Female mathematicians and computer scientists celebrated with Suffrage Science awards

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MRC LMS lates

13 September 2018

Science communication insight for summer student

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22 May 2018

All in the Mind – Professor Oliver Howes shares psychosis research on BBC Radio 4

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29 June 2015

Human error: slips and mistakes show scientists are people too

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10 April 2015

Worm Watch Lab: citizen scientists help CSC researchers

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12 March 2015

Suffrage Science 2015: Is the world of science pale, male and stale?

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