First 3D MRI Scans of Unborn Babies

 30 November 2009   Research News

First 3D MRI Scans of Unborn BabiesPerinatal Imaging

30 November 2009 Cutting-edge 3D MRI techniques being pioneered by the CSC’s Perinatal Imaging group are reported in an article on the BBC website by BBC Health Reporter Jane Elliot.

From the article:

Baby Miller makes his first appearance on screen.

He can be seen moving and swallowing – a proud moment for parents-to-be Sian and Brian, and a welcome addition to their baby memorabilia.

The 3D scan shows that the baby is coming on well, and his development is normal.

But the scan is more than just a memento.

For the new Miller is one of the latest foetuses to be enrolled in a brain study at London’s Hammersmith Hospital, in collaboration with the Medical Research Council.

Professor Mary Rutherford said her team had got round this by taking multiple scans of the brain and then slotting them together to make a 3D image.

“This information will help obstetricians to decide whether a baby is likely to have severe problems with development or whether to deliver a baby sooner as brain growth may be better outside the womb,” she said.

You can read more of Jane Elliot’s article and watch the video on the BBC website here.