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 20 June 2009   Research News

Integrative Genomics and MedicineCSC welcomes new group

Enrico Petretto heads a new group in the Genomic, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Medicine Section, having previously worked as statistical geneticist under Tim Aitman in the Physiological Genomics and Medicine group.

Enrico’s interest in developing approaches to complex systems started when he was an undergraduate at the University of Sassari in Italy, where he studied non-linear interactions during the evolution of complex chemical reactions. His research interests then shifted towards genetically complex systems, studying population and statistical genetics at the University of Pavia where he achieved his Master Degree in Statistical Genetics, as well as multifactorial human diseases working at the University of Sassari and Institute of Population Genetics of C.N.R. in Italy, where he was awarded his PhD in Biochemistry, Biology and Molecular Biotechnologies. He further specialized in integrated linkage analysis and microarray-based expression profiling at the CSC Physiological Genomics and Medicine group.

His unique expertise in statistics, bioinformatics, physics, complex systems and population genetics allows him to pursue multidisciplinary and highly integrated approaches to exploit genomic, phenomic and genetic resources for the study of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders.

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