LMS secures funding to support sustainability projects

 23 September 2021  

GreeningLMS, a group of staff and students striving to increase sustainability at the MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences (LMS), has been awarded £70,000 from the Medical Research Council (MRC) to implement greening initiatives throughout the institute.

The aim of the £70k grant is to support activities in MRC Institutes that result directly in a reduction of the environmental impact of research activities.

GreeningLMS will use the money to fund three projects:

1) Reducing plastic waste
Using clean autoclaved volumetric glass pipettes instead of disposable pipettes is one example of how we will cut down on single-use plastics. These reusable replacements will reduce energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and waste associated with the production, packaging, shipment and disposal.

2) Chemical inventory management
Investing in new software to enhance how we can catalogue, share, and keep track of chemicals will reduce unnecessary ordering of duplicates and ensure a more effective stock management, which will minimise waste.

3) Engagement
A programme of institute engagement activities will aim to educate and encourage all members of staff to reduce their environmental impact.

Ben Wiggins, Leader of GreeningLMS said:

“This funding is a massive boost to our sustainability efforts here at the LMS. It lets us think bigger and do more to reduce waste, to promote efficiency in our chemical purchasing, and to increase participation and ideas for more sustainable laboratory work. We are hugely grateful to the MRC for awarding us this fund, and look forward to updating everyone on its implementation very soon.”

Who are GreeningLMS?

Greening LMS was set up in 2018 and consists of students and staff eager to improve sustainability at the LMS. Their mission is to ensure the LMS’ carbon footprint is as low as possible without impacting its research. Find out some of the ways GreeningLMS has already put in place here.

In May 2019 the group won the Silver LEAF (Laboratory Evaluation Assessment Framework) Award – a laboratory specific award scheme adopted by universities across England. Rebeca Fiadeiro (Founder of Greening LMS) took part in an MRC seminar explaining how the group achieved this award.