Neonatal Medicine

 22 June 2009   Research News

298Publication ranked among most important in 50 years

A 1995 publication co-authored by CSC Neonatal Medicine Group Head David Edwards has been named one of the top 10 papers published in the field in the past 50 years.

The paper, which was published in the journal Pediatric Research in 1995, demonstrated that mild cooling of neonatal piglets deprived of oxygen ameliorated brain damage.

The same team had previously shown that the pathophysiology of oxygen deprivation in the piglet brain, characterised by a fall in the ratio of phosphocreatine phosphorous to inorganic phosphate as measured by 31P MRS, mirrored that in humans.

The study has led to an explosion of interest in cooling as a possible effective treatment for oxygen and blood flow deprivation. In 2005, a randomised multicentre clinical trial was reported in The Lancet, also featuring David Edwards as an author. The study gave an indication that cooling was likely to be effective in these cases.

Thoresen, M., Penrice, J., Lorek, A., Cady, E. B., Wylezinska, M., Kirkbride, V., Cooper, C. E., Brown, G. C., Edwards, A. D., Wyatt, J. S., May 1995. Mild hypothermia after severe transient hypoxia-ischemia ameliorates delayed cerebral energy failure in the newborn piglet. Pediatric research 37 (5), 667-670.
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