Heirloom Jewellery

The jewellery, commissioned from students of the art and design college, Central Saint Martins-UAL, reflects both scientific research and the Suffrage movement. The ribbons from VV Rouleaux unite women across scientific professions, and the Suffrage movement is referenced with green for hope, purple for dignity and white for purity.

Each of the women who have been awarded the heirlooms nominate who they wish to pass on their award to every two years. Many of our award winners over the years have shared how this means so much more to them that one of their peers wants to give them recognition for their work. It also means that each heirloom creates its own ‘family tree’ as the award gets handed from one awardee to the next creating an international network of inspiring female role models across all the Suffrage Science branches.


Life Sciences

Pendant by Benita Gikaite

“I have taken this Masonic charm as a symbol of men’s power and I have given it to women. Engraved inside the pendant are the dates 1897, 1903 and 1918. These correspond to when the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies was founded; the first Nobel prize was awarded to a woman, Marie Curie; and when British women first obtained the right to vote.”


Brooch by Anya Malhorta

“The women who have contributed to science are like the nucleus, surrounded by negativity but they still break through these barriers. The design evolved from a spherical atom-like structure into a brooch with domed magnifying glass engraved with the words ‘invention’, ‘discovery’, ‘innovation’, ‘creativity’ and ‘power.’”



Engineering and Physical Sciences

Pendant by Lola Lou

“I used cells and tissue scaffolds as icons to represent the twelve individual winners, and the Medical Research Council. Bringing together women through the Suffrage Science scheme has created a network that contributes to mankind. Embedded in the pendant are round and oval shaped stones of white moonstone, purple amethyst and green peridot minerals – the colours of the Suffragettes.”


Brooch by Diana Dong

“The strength, belief and courage that exists deep within each woman’s heart, is the inspiration for the brooch. The display device is designed to incorporate the magnetic levitation principle. Magnets will be installed in the base of the display device and the bottom of the brooch, which will make the brooch suspend in mid-air.”



Maths and Computing

Pattern of Thought by Veronika Fábián

“Made from gold punched tape, the brooch reflects the fields of maths and computing. Punctured tape was used by computer scientists to send text-based messages, and later for storing data. The brooch is an elegant piece with a powerful message, decoding the series of holes on the brooch reveals sentences from three Suffragette banners; ‘Deeds not words’, ‘Courage Constancy Success’ and ‘Through thick & thin we n’er give in.’”



Mathematical Beauty by Emine Gulsal

“Engraved on the inside curve is what many mathematicians consider to be the most beautiful of all mathematical equations, e^iπ+1= 0. The bracelet symbolises the infinite, symmetrical qualities of circles. Encapsulated inside the outer curve is a single, isolated pearl, which can move in a continuous circular motion. I feel that my piece conveys a sense of power and strength within women.”

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