Quantitative Systems Biology

 30 June 2009   Research News

314The CSC welcomes a new group with the arrival of Quantitative Systems Biology.

The group, which joins the Epigenetics and Development section, is headed by Alberto Polleri.

Alberto’s background is in theoretical nuclear physics, but he felt drawn to molecular biology by “the giant strides that [the field] is making…becoming ever more a quantitative science”.

His transitional period, between his early research studying the quark gluon plasma and becoming a biologist, was spent at Stanford University in California.

The Group’s research interests centre on the Calcineurin/NFAT signal tranduction pathway, an important pathway the disruption of which has been implicated in a wide variety of human diseases, ranging from immune system failure to osteoporosis to heart valve defects and recently to Down Syndrome.

Joining Alberto in the group are Kata Takacs and Ella Palmer.

You can see the Group’s page here.

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