Quenching your thirst for knowledge with a Pint of Science

 14 May 2019   Public Engagement

Pint of Science Imperial brings esteemed scientists down to their local to answer the biggest question: What Next?

For three nights in May, science lovers and scientists will head to pubs and bars not only across the UK, but around the world. Why? For the seventh annual Pint of Science festival that gets scientists out of the lab to share their latest world-leading research with the public and local community.

Pint of Science spans three nights from 20-22 May and is happening in 41 cities in the UK and 24 countries worldwide. While Pint of Science began at Imperial College London, this year will be the first year that the London Institute of Medical Sciences will be hosting their own special events showcasing the latest advancements in medical research.

Over the three nights, we have 8 of our researchers leaving their lab coats behind and bringing their science to The Defector’s Weld pub in Shepherd’s Bush. Our events will cover everything from DNA knots, cell division and evolution to the latest in the fight to find treatments for obesity and diabetes and much more. Alongside the main talks, each evening will also include a range of fun, science-related activities that you can get involved with too.

New Director of Pint of Science Dr Callam Davidson had this to say about this year’s festival:

‘As the festival enters its seventh year, we’re absolutely thrilled to have Pint of Science reaching more people than ever before. This year’s festival will feature some fantastically creative events cooked up by our endlessly ambitious volunteers, showcasing some of the nation’s most brilliant researchers in their local pubs and cafes. This year has been a big one for Pint of Science, and we see some very exciting things on the horizon – join us for a pint in May and we’ll tell you all about it!’

The tickets for our LMS events are selling out fast. Here is a quick summary of what you can expect each night and where to find your ticket:

20 May – Unzipping your genes – a night where we discover how the information in our DNA gets read, and what happens if it goes wrong featuring DNA knots and transcription explosions. Get your tickets here:

21 May – Tomorrow’s medicine, today! – this event is going to share how we could fight obesity with fat, use stem cells to cure diabetes and also how a tiny fly has and is still helping to revolutionise healthcare and medicine. Get your tickets for this event here:

22 May – How did we become us? – a night that is going to give you two new perspectives on this question – one on how we became trillions of cells from a single cell and the other is whether there are any genetic clues behind why we and many other species might look for food, mates and make memories. Get tickets for this event here:

Grab your friends, family and colleagues and take a trip out next week and join us to learn a little something new. Don’t miss out!