Reprogramming & Chromatin

 8 May 2009   Research News

277CSC Welcomes New Group

The evolving research landscape at the CSC welcomes a  recent addition with the arrival of the Reprogramming and Chromatin group.

Group Head Petra Hajkova joins us having previously worked under Azim Surani at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, a group whose research interests centre on genetic and epigenetic regulators of the germ line and pluripotency.

Petra’s interest in epigenetics began before she was an undergraduate at Charles University, Prague, where she later received her MA for work on transcriptional silencing of integrated retroviruses. Her research in the field was then furthered at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, where she was awarded her PhD. She then joined Surani’s group at the Gurdon Institute, which specialises in cancer research and developmental biology.

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