Medal recognises “outstanding research”

 5 May 2016   Grants and awards

Petra Hajkova, who leads the CSC’s Reprogramming and Chromatin group, has been awarded the prestigious Mary Lyon Medal 2017. The award, named after the distinguished geneticist Mary Lyon FRS, was established in 2015 “to reward outstanding research in genetics for scientists who are in the middle of their research career”.

Petra Hajkova wins Genetics Society Medal

Petra Hajkova says she is honoured by prestigious award

“I feel very honoured to be selected for this prestigious award,” says Hajkova. “Mary Lyon was a true ‘giant’ in the field of epigenetics. She has made a seminal contribution to our field, and I feel very fortunate that I had a chance to meet her in person during my postdoc time. To receive a medal that carries Mary Lyon’s name is of special meaning to me.”

Hajkova says the award reflects the success of others in her laboratory. “Although this award is given to me, it really reflects the quality of work, perseverance and enthusiasm of all the members of my lab.”

She will be invited to present a lecture at one of the Genetics Society scientific meetings. CSC director, Amanda Fisher, said: “I’m really pleased for Petra. This award is very well deserved.”