Section Chair: Petra Hajkova

We study epigenetically regulated processes underpinning chromatin structure, cell fate and development.


 Luis bw

Cell Cycle

Luis Aragón

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 Jesus bw

Cell Proliferation

Jesús Gil

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Chromatin and Development

Michelle Percharde

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 Peter bw

Epigenetic Inheritance & Evolution

Peter Sarkies

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 Mikhail bw

Functional Gene Control

Mikhail Spivakov

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 Niall bw

Gene Regulation and Chromatin

Niall Dillon

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 Harry Leitch

Germline and Pluripotency

Harry Leitch

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 Lymph dev bw

Lymphocyte Development

Amanda Fisher

Matthias Merkenschlager

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 Fadri bw


Enrique "Fadri" Martinez-Perez

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 Petra bw

Reprogramming and Chromatin

Petra Hajkova

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 JB bw

Telomere Replication and Stability

Jean-Baptiste Vannier

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