Genes & Metabolism

Section Chair: Irene Miguel-Aliaga

This section aims to understand the molecular and cellular basis of a variety of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders and apply this understanding to improve healthcare. The groups use a combination of approaches, including biochemical, genomic, physiological and imaging techniques.


 Stuart bw

Cardiovascular Disease Mechanisms

Stuart Cook

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Cellular Identity and Metabolism

Mathieu Latreille

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 Dave C bw

Cellular Stress

David Carling

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 Louise bw

Drug Transport and Tumour Metabolism

Louise Fets

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 Irene bw

Gut Signalling and Metabolism

Irene Miguel-Aliaga

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 Filipe bw

Host-Microbe Co-Metabolism

Filipe Cabreiro

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 Chris bw

Inflammation and Obesity

Chris Schiering

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 Saravana bw

Integrative Skeletal Physiology

Saravana Ramasamy

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 Dominic bw

Metabolic Signalling

Dominic Withers

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Metabolism and Cell Growth

Susumu Hirabayashi

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 Santiago bw

Metabolism and Gene Regulation

Santiago Vernia

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 Helena bw

Redox Metabolism

Helena Cocheme

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