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Suffrage science

8 March 2016

Award Recognises Women in Science

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Scientists uncover genetic links in heart disease and pregnancy

6 January 2016

Unravelling the genetics of pregnancy and heart failure

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Heart scans in real time

18 December 2015

Ministerial visit gets hearts racing

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Seasonal success at the Clinical Sciences Centre

14 December 2015

Seasonal Success at the Clinical Sciences Centre

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Chain-Florey workshop 2015

11 December 2015

Chain-Florey workshop 2015: of mice and men and haploid cells

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Irene Miguel Aliaga

7 October 2015

Watch this space: Irene Miguel-Aliaga a ‘Cell Scientist to Watch’

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Balance in preclinical research

5 October 2015

Sex is important: Balancing gender differences in preclinical research

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Mathematician in residence at the CSC

21 September 2015

Using maths to model the “bet hedging” of biology

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postdoc retreat at the CSC

18 September 2015

Postdocs freed to ask “stupid questions” – watch the video

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Vlad Pasca and Olivia Dawson at the CSC

4 September 2015

Student tasters for a career in science

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27 July 2015

Armenia’s young find novel ways to succeed in science

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MRC programme leaders CSC

8 July 2015

New Senior MRC Programme Leaders at CSC

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