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26 July 2016

EMBO Fellowship to investigate genome ‘origami’

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CSC summer students

25 July 2016

Summer students support CSC science and help to tell its stories

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CSC annual rounders tournament

11 July 2016

CSC rounders round-up

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CSC mentors offer support

7 July 2016

Mentors offer a wide-range of support for scientists

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CSC scientists promoted

5 July 2016

High fliers recognised at the CSC

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Suffrage Science artwork

6 May 2016

Artist brings DNA ribbons to Suffrage Science

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Petra Hajkova

5 May 2016

Medal recognises “outstanding research”

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Ting Wu discusses a genetic mystery

13 April 2016

Genes in space and the mystery of the missing mutations

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1 April 2016

CSC workshop on Experimental and Computational Biology

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Suffrage Science awards ceremony

18 March 2016

Suffrage Science: creating a web of women in science

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Inflammation in schizophrenia

8 March 2016

Rattling around in a Morris Minor

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Suffrage science

8 March 2016

Award Recognises Women in Science

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