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A gut feeling: Hadjieconomou and her prize-winning image

22 February 2016

Not just a pretty gut

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A deeper take on our sexual nature

17 February 2016

A deeper take on our sexual nature

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A surprise role for dopamine in social interplay

11 February 2016

Only the lonely – a surprise role for dopamine in social interplay

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CSC duo in Nature “News and Views” on ageing

3 February 2016

Nature “News and Views” – CSC duo on ageing

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Computer artwork of human egg. Credit: Science Photo Library

11 January 2016

Turning back the cellular clock

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Scientists uncover genetic links in heart disease and pregnancy

6 January 2016

Unravelling the genetics of pregnancy and heart failure

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Enzyme surfs DNA strands

18 December 2015

Surfing DNA: enzyme catches a ride to fight infection

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James Ware

3 December 2015

Hearts and minds: study uncovers genetic links

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James Leiper on sepsis research

19 November 2015

Sepsis award allows human trials for potentially life-saving new drug

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Tumours in tissue from fruit flies

17 November 2015

Cancer cells poised for growth when opportunity knocks

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11 November 2015

Keeping active while at rest

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16 October 2015

3D scans spot earliest signs of heart disease

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