“We offer a range of services and expertise in the creation, maintenance and study of transgenic mice and rats.”

Established in 1996, the Facility offers the following services:
CRISPR/Cas9 design and in vitro testing; pronuclear injection of DNA and CRISPR; surgical implantation of varying stage embryos; ES cell injection into blastocysts; gene targeting; electroporation; karyotyping; ES cell culture; aggregation; and early embryo manipulation.

In our purpose-built laboratory and CBS suite we also offer a full “cryo” and rederivation service including:
Embryo freezing; sperm freezing; rederivation via IVF/assisted IVF; rederivation via frozen or fresh embryos; arrange imports and exports of sperm/embryos from around the world; and a searchable database of all GM strains across LMS and Imperial sites.

Staff are always on hand to undertake experimental work, advise researchers on experimental design and offer training in the latest techniques available in GM mouse/rat production.

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