Metabolic Signalling

“Our research focuses on the roles of hormone and nutrient-regulated signalling pathways in obesity, type 2 diabetes and age-related diseases”

Our work investigates the signalling processes and neuronal populations in the central nervous system that regulate energy homeostasis and their contribution to diseases such as obesity and type II diabetes. We have shown that signalling pathways, such as those recruited by insulin, regulate both energy homeostasis and longevity and healthspan. We also use optogenetic, chemogenetic and in vivo imaging approaches to map the brain circuits involved in feeding and other related behaviours. These studies have revealed that the dynamic activities of defined neuronal populations integrate food intake, metabolism and complex motivated behaviours. Our goal is to identify the cellular and physiological mechanisms that control energy balance and understand how such processes are involved in the pathogenesis of metabolic and age-related disease.

Metabolic Signalling

A coronal section through the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus showing pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons expressing green fluorescent protein transduced with an adenovirus expressing channelrhodopsin and mCherry (red). POMC neurons co-expressing the virus appear yellow.

Selected Publications

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