Heroes of Health comic book

Heroes of Health is a comic book developed by the MRC LMS to celebrate the MRC’s history and key pioneers that have changed the lives of people in the UK and across the world.

The first edition of the comic book was published in 2013 to commemorate 100 years of the MRC. In this edition the comic highlights the stories of three early pioneers Henry Dale, Almroth Wright and Harriette Chick whose work was instrumental in establishing the MRC’s vision, mission and values and beginning the legacy of using public money to fund Medical Research.
You can read more about the first edition here.

The second edition of the comic book was published in 2018 to commemorate 105 years of the MRC and the transition to UK Research and Innovation. This version included a further five stories and highlighted the work of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Max Perutz, Mary Barber, Mary Lyon and Peter Mansfield.
You can read more about the second edition here.

Thanks to Kirstin and Juli von Glasgow, Andree Molyneux and Brona McVittie for research and ideas and Lindsay McBirnie for illustrations.

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