Quantitative Biology and AI

Quantitative Biology and AI is a cross-cutting theme at the LMS. We take quantitative, experimental, computational and innovative imaging approaches to understand genomic regulation at scales that range from single molecules to human patients. Towards this goal we conduct interdisciplinary research and training, promote partnership between clinical, experimental, and data sciences, and foster integration with Imperial’s core strengths in mathematics, engineering and computing.

The theme is led by Juanma Vasquerizas, Head of the Developmental Epigenomics group.

Our interdisciplinary approach is embedded in both our research sections, Epigenetics and Genes & Metabolism.

Groups in the Quantitative Biology and AI theme include: Andre Brown (Behavioural Phenomics), James Ware (Cardiovascular Genomics and Precision Medicine), Alexis Barr (Cell Cycle Control), Boris Lenhard (Computational Regulatory Genomics), Declan O’Regan (Computational Cardiac Imaging), Juanma Vasquerizas (Developmental Epigenomics), Peter Sarkies (Epigenetic Inheritance and Evolution), Mikhail Spivakov (Functional Gene Control), Filipe Cabreiro (Host-Microbe Co-Metabolism), Matthias Merkenschlager (Lymphocyte Development), Tobias Warnecke (Molecular Systems), David Rueda (Single Molecule Imaging), Karen Sarkisyan (Synthetic Biology) and Oliver Howes (Psychiatric Imaging).